Dress Code

Student Dress & Appearance


           The Board recognizes that choice of attire and grooming are matters of expression and are subject to fashion and current fads, nevertheless, the Board expects certain things of a student and that starts with appearance—“School is a place of learning.” The administration and faculty must create a school climate wherein excellence is the understood goal.


          Students are encouraged to dress and groom themselves neatly and in good taste. State Board Policy 4373 forbids students dressing or grooming in a manner that disrupts the educational process or is detrimental to the health, safety or welfare of others. Students may not dress in a manner that is distractive or indecent, to the extent that it interferes with the teaching and learning process, including wearing any apparel that displays or promotes any drug, alcohol, or tobacco-related product that is prohibited in school buildings, on school grounds, in school leased or owned vehicles and at school affiliated functions. Micro-mini skirts, spandex clothing, hats, halter tops, tank tops, jewelry or clothing that can be used as a weapon may not be worn. Students may not wear or display any clothing, jewelry, colors or insignia that intentionally identifies the student as a member of a gang or otherwise symbolizes support of a gang.


          Students dressed in such a manner that they disrupt classroom decorum will be referred to the principal and possibly sent home for a change of clothing. Students may be required to wear protective clothing or to remove certain items of clothing in order to protect their health and safety in certain instructional environments such as workshops and science labs.


          The school administrator will make the final determination of what is appropriate.